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Gunning for a big promotion at work, the Machiavellian detective uses methods that include drugging, bullying and smearing his rivals with malicious gossip.Outside the office, his abusive behavior is much worse, even stooping to murder and sexual assault.Baird and Mc Avoy also give Robertson a lot more backstory than the book did, even allowing him a glimmer of redemptive empathy when his evil schemes start to backfire.The death of his beloved brother in childhood, his father’s bitter disapproval, his broken marriage -- all are revealed during the final act as clumsy connect-the-dots psychological motivation.Beginning a staggered theatrical release in Scotland later this week, followed by the rest of Britain next week, overseas audience potential should be healthy based on positive advance buzz and Mc Avoy’s strong track record, not to mention a highly marketable sleaze factor.PHOTOS: 11 British Actors Invading Hollywood's ' It List' Welsh has not been lucky with movie credits since Danny Boyle sanitized enjoyed a slow and troubled journey to the screen, at one point passing through Harvey Weinstein’s hands.Robertson’s estranged wife, Carole, plays the same small but crucial role as she did in the book, but one of the other narrators -- a talking tapeworm inside the detective’s guts -- has been dropped, clearly an experimental literary device deemed too far.A few other unsavory details, notably those involving the sickly state of Robertson’s penis, have been discreetly excised too.

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Baird sticks quite faithfully to Welsh’s novel, though he dilutes its relentlessly nasty tone and changes some minor plot points.Hide-and-seek (or hide-and-go-seek) is a popular children's game in which any number of players conceal themselves in the environment, to be found by one or more seekers.