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10-Jun-2016 02:06

Flip through your Facebook and Flickr and find the most recent pictures of yourself – nothing more than a year or two old.

Love on yourself before you love on others – that’s what I say!

If your profile waves major red flags, it doesn’t matter how attractive you are, they’re going to run the other way!

Make sure photos are current: Sure, your college photo is hot. If you are uncomfortable with someone who is out of shape or overweight, say “I’m looking for someone who is fit, active, and ready to push me to pedal a bit faster when we head out on a day of cycling.” Don’t limit the field: Only want to date blondes?how do you go about choosing the best site for you? From freshening up your profile to reflect the new season, to understanding why girls do (and don’t) go for jerks, here’s some advice on how to keep on fighting the good fight.Consider the following: 1) the size & reputation of the site, 2) the features of the site and 3) the subscription fee (or not! Niche sites (like geek dating sites) can be great, but realize you will only be seeing other geeks who 1) know that site exists and 2) have signed up for it. If you are posing with your sister or best female friend, a match may think they have competition. Choose a variety: Pick a really great head shot for the main photo, and then give viewers the opportunity to see a full body shot and shots of you engaged in some of your favorite activities like swinging a golf club or sliding down a zip line.

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Be front and center: If you have a decent photo, but it shows more of the background, crop it. A prospective date doesn’t care how great the sunset was on your latest beach outing, they want to see what you look like. Get a professional head shot or get a friend to snap a photo of you.I’ve witnessed some major mishaps and thus offer the following pointers based on my experience.

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