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14-Jun-2014 20:40

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Today Zynga has updated the highly popular scrabble game in the Android Market bringing tons of new features to their store including the option to purchase an ad-free version for 23 Zynga tokens.After checking it out it appears for a mere .99 users can enjoy the game completely ad-free.New reasons But it's this committed fanbase that will provide the inertia Zynga will have to overcome if it wants to get off the ground.Of course, the original game will still be supported: both titles use the same backend so players who don't want to update won't notice any difference, other than regular prompts asking them to download the new app.You can play offline, there's a Solo practice mode, and better personal stats in terms of win-loss rate, best words played etc.There's also a Unsurprisingly, the designers haven't meddled with the game board - "It's the Holy Grail", says Sahgal - although they have tweaked board navigation.

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Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. During that time, over 58 billion words have been played within the game, which has 55 million matches in-play at any moment and 1.4 million players using it daily as a game-come-chat/messaging service.