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In a very simpler terms ( to avoid any kind of confusion), we just remember that Verification means the review activities or the static testing techniques and validation means the actual test execution activities or the dynamic testing techniques.The development of software begins once the requirements document is 'ready'.Also, errors present in the SRS will adversely affect the cost if they are detected later in the development process or when the software is delivered to the user.Hence, it is desirable to detect errors in the requirements before the design and development of the software begins.V&V Tasks – Installation and checkout phase – Audit of installation and configuration – Final test of the installation candidate build. V&V Tasks – Operation Phase – Evaluation of new constraint – Assessment of the change proposed #8.V&V Tasks – Maintenance Phase – Evaluation of the anomalies – Assessment of migration – Assessment of the retrial features – Assessment of proposed change. V&V processes determine whether products of a given activity confirm to requirements and are fit for its use.• Requirement verification Involves review of the requirements • Design Verification Involves reviews of all the design documents including the HLD and LDD • Code verification Code review • Documentation Verification Verification of user manuals and other related documents.• Prepare the test requirements documents, test cases, and other test specifications to analyze the test results.

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• Test for boundry values, stress and the functionalities • Test for error messages and in case of any error, the application is terminated gracefully.We sometimes tend to neglect the importance of reviewing these documents but we should understand that reviewing itself can find out many hidden anomalies when if found or fixed in the later phase of development cycle, can be very costly.