Updating your computer is almost complete restart now

09-Mar-2017 13:51

Here is where we can configure your message to disappear!

There are basically two settings that we can manipulate to get what we want.

It describes two options to block the restart your computer dialog, one that is blocking it for the session, and another that is blocking it completely for the logged in user.

Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005.

It specifically says: "Updating your computer is almost complete.

You must restart you computer for the updates to take effect. " I can only choose to Restart Now, or Restart Later. If I ignore the message, it will automatically restart in 15 minutes!!

The maximum is 4 hours, which means that users will still be nagged every 4 hours to reboot the system.

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Your computer needs to be restarted for updates to take effect.

This command will automatically stop the Automatic Updates Service like the above steps.

2nd method: Modifying Group Policies There is problem, however, related to the first method.

This happened after I had to use my PC's 360GB HD I used over two Years ago after my newer 500GB HD had problems and now won't even boot up.

Because this 360GB HD is so old and I hadn't used it in so long, I updated it to the newest Windows XP. I tried to turn on the PC again, and it won't even power up now!

After that, it seemed to be OK and I even ran Scans with Super Anti Virus, Malwarebytes and Mc Afee. Like I said, this 360GB HD is the older one, sometimes the Taskbar doesn't come out when I boot up with it. I have to use this HD because I can't seem to fix the 500GB HD. I also had my TV and XBOX 360 turned on, and we ALL know how Fragile the 360's are. What worries me is, that I had that External Hard Drive connected, so I don't know if that's fried.