Updating wii wiikey

21-Jul-2014 11:18

When I first got my wiikey in I had no idea what to do so maybe I can help many other ppl who need help.#1 So you modded your Wii well first off, I would say make sure you are running latest firmware for the Wii it self.Q: How to Rip and Burn Games for use with the wiikey A: Well First let me say this and Myself don't support WAREZ, illegal Downloading , or Bootlegging video games or any other sort of media. Click the 'Add DOL' button and select Softdev's SDDVD dump tool that your un-rared to your desktop.If you do need to produce a BACK UP of a Game you already own, because you have kids and you don't want them to ruin the disc. not sure, before you decide on doing this please check and follow all rules, laws and regulations that deal with backing up media in your home Town, City , State, Country. To Make a Back up you will need, #1 Wii w/ wiikey installed #2 A original Disc (GC or Wii ) #3 Blank Media DVD - R or RW #4 a SD Gekco or a USB Gecko #5 a Gamecube Controller #6 A Copy of Softdev's SDDVD dump tool version 0.1g #7 HJ-Split by Free #8 SD Card (I used a 2GB San Disk) #9 mg Burn (free program to burn image files) ( I dont use this i use nero) Guide Step 1: (Creating Boot Disk with DVD Dump tool added) Open Wii Key Utilities. From here I clicked the button 'Create ISO' and it created an image file located in the "isos" folder inside the Wii Key Utilites folder in your "C:" drive.Then insert original game when promted to, and it will continue to dump the game onto the SD card in chunks. You may continue to burn that file onto a DVD to later be played on your WII!

So a big thank you to all contributers big and small. (if you have a Nintendo Wii with D2C chipset you need the new D2CKey mod-chip from the Wii Key team) Thanks to Some Firmware Updates are out.

You are free to add your own experiences with the different games and disc.

Please do not run games you do not own and obey your country's laws.

Now type in "-R -J -G C:\my_bootable_disc\-no-emul-boot -b sddvd-01-o Game C:\my_bootable_disc" (without the quotes) then hit enter. Now there should be a file called Game in your C: drive.

Just burn that with Img Burn and place it in your wii.

I don't mind people linking to it, not even in reviews, but please give due credit ;).

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