Updating from arcsde to arcserver

01-Jul-2014 02:55

Since we cannot change the geometry field type of an existing feature class, we will create a new feature class and specify the GEOGRAPHY configuration keyword during the process.

In Arc Catalog, create a new polygon feature class as you normally would, but when you get to the database storage configuration, use either the GEOGRAPHY or GEOMETRY configuration keyword instead of taking the DEFAULTS option.

What we are about to tackle can be very dangerous, as changes to nonversioned data cannot be rolled back.

It is highly recommended that the methodology about to be discussed be thoroughly tested in a development and/or testing environment before ever being attempted in production.

The coordinate string is followed by the spatial reference identifier (SRID), which in this case is EPSG:4326, WGS84.

updating from arcsde to arcserver-51

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Simple to complex insertions and updates can be performed through SQL, allowing us to provide (upon map refresh or redraw) instant feature class updates to end users.

Full documentation of these methods can be found on the MSDN site (search for "spatial data type method reference").

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