Two best friends dating

16-Sep-2016 23:55

They've met enough other a couple of times, at a couple of parties I've had, but since they live in different states (with me literally in the middle) they'd never run into each other without me inviting them both out.After my last birthday party, I found out that they exchanged screen names with each other.Fusoya's reaction is not that unusual for a human to experience and his best friend of all people should be understanding. If you truely think of these people as friends, you should be happy at the fact that these two might find happiness together. They probably knew you were going to be a baby about it. Yesh do you have any concern for the feelings of your best friend or are those mere obstacles in getting what you want? Its none of his business that his best friend is dating the girl he is pining for? Creeping around talking to people who are not directly involved is only making this worse.His best friend basically said screw fusoya I value my feelings above him and have no problem going behind his back and then lying straight to his face. These friends you speak of obviously care about you or they wouldn't have been doing this behind your back. Thats a buncha bullshit, going behind someone's back and then lying to their face about it is not trying to protect their feelings. The bottom line is that you do not own these people. Yesh do you have any concern for the feelings of your best friend or are those mere obstacles in getting what you want? If you're not sure then tell them what you heard (not necessarily from who) and make sure that they know that you want the honest truth from them.

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We didn't tell my brother that we were involved with each other until we had actually set a wedding date. A very similar thing happened to me not that long ago, and I know that "it's none of your business" doesn't cut it. They probably kept it from you to spare your feelings, not to hurt you. There's nothing you can do now besides cutting these people out of your life. But it's been my experience that we all need as many friends as we can get, and if you can figure out a way to be happy for them, it will pay off for you in the long run. Seriously, though - it sucks, but if anything you are probably just jealous right now.

Two of my best friends are a guy I've known since I was 12, went through middle and high school with, and still keep in close touch with, and a girl who I met in college, immediately fell for...the feeling was mutual, the only problem was I was already with somebody and she would not feel comfortable dating a person who'd be willing to break up with someone for her.

We still stayed close, and as time went on, her romantic feelings died down, while mine increased.

I told both of them about how this made me feel.....betrayed, since they both know how I've felt about me getting together with her, and inferior, since he was attempting to go where I wasn't able to, but they both insisted they were only hanging out as friends, the same way I hang out with either of them, and that I should just relax.

They both promised me that this wasn't going to lead to anything more.

I should also point out too that in the case of both of them, they are not people who have any difficulty finding anybody. They have a right to like each other and they don't have to justify it to you. Rather, they were just filling you in on the details of their lives, which friends do. Whether or not they would think you'd be salty about it. I have a feeling he pitched a fit, not because of the dating, but because you withheld it until Marriage. Why does anyone have an obligation tell other people about their relationships? I've never thought it was any of my business who my friends or siblings were dating. you know it would lead to a lot of lying over time to me, by my friend, at some point in the future. I'd also like to add that if these two break up because of you fusoya, your NOT going to feel any better. As a matter of fact you may feel even worse if you have an ounce of humanity in you.

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