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10-Jul-2015 11:11

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Was Xolani even available to shoot the last episode or they used someone else with mask.

Will follow greed and desire thru TVSA until i see the SEASON FINALE CAPTION then i will watch.

"Then I rushed to a nearby liquor store, where I was lucky to find a good Samaritan who had a bakkie.

He offered to take us to the Tshilwavhusiku Health Centre, where nurses also told us that they couldn´t assist us, because of the lack of electricity." "At the time we were negotiating with the nurses at the health center, Mulamu was lying on the ground, struggling.

I sat at the gate while my neighbour was trying to negotiate with the nurses, who told the security not to open the gate, due to the fact that there was no electricity.

The nurses at the clinic referred me to the Tshilwavhusiku Health Center, saying there were midwives who could assist me," revealed Mulamu.

A young woman of Madombidzha in the Sinthumule area gave birth on the back of a bakkie last Sunday, due to the alleged negligence of nurses at a local clinic.

The 20-year-old Lufuno Mulamu gave birth to a healthy baby girl, after she was denied assistance at the Madombidzha local clinic.

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wht a poor scene last night Morakile,and others even tht Atleha charector,, i thnk i must write an email to channel 161 Mzantsi Magic to change Greed &Desire slot to The Queen slot hrs ,, yuu its soo boring to come back from work to see that slow and poor soapi... in the beginning i always looked forward to each episode, but now haikhona...Cllr Humbulani Mashamba of Makhado Municipality visited Mulamu´s home on Monday to offer support.