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03-Jul-2014 02:05

The Subversion bridge is the gateway drug to the DVCS world.

The base command in Git for all the Subversion bridging commands is , you’re interacting with Subversion, which is a system that is far less sophisticated than Git.

If you’re working with other developers, then at some point one of you will push, and then the other one will try to push a change that conflicts.

That change will be rejected until you merge in their work.

Subversion can have only a single linear history, and confusing it is very easy.

If you’re working with a team, and some are using SVN and others are using Git, make sure everyone is using the SVN server to collaborate — doing so will make your life easier.

M Committed r79 M r79 = 938b1a547c2cc92033b74d32030e86468294a5c8 (trunk) No changes between current HEAD and refs/remotes/trunk Resetting to the latest refs/remotes/trunk This takes all the commits you’ve made on top of the Subversion server code, does a Subversion commit for each, and then rewrites your local Git commit to include a unique identifier.

This is important because it means that all the SHA-1 checksums for your commits change.

After some seconds alerted next message: How my working copy is out of date?

Netbeans commited some files of my working copy as 1136 revision!

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