Speed dating in north carolina

07-May-2016 20:34

We all agreed that the lawyer was a catch, except for my new Chinese friend who said that he had “weird teeth”.I met just as many new potential girlfriends as I did love interests, and we all swapped Facebook details.There are certain things I do in my life purely because I think it would make a great post.I think if I didn’t blog, I would spend a hell of a lot more time sat at home doing things that normal people do, like spend time reading and maybe even watch that thing called TV that people talk a lot about.Then there was a lawyer who was really sweet and funny but obviously shy.

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Adult chating club

The guy who I was chatting to before the event started ended up driving me home to save me a train journey, and he was really nice.

One girl told me she’d recently had a message that just asked her if she was shaved or not. We chatted for a bit, and the Chinese girl tried to set us up even before we’d started the event.