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This sign is not in favor of carefully-made, long-term plans and just like they love throwing a few things into the suitcase and heading off for the unknown, so too you might find your Sagittarius lover taking you out on a surprise date or whisking you away to the nearest getaway for an intimate weekend.

Trust this sign to do something impulsive but utterly romantic for you.

This is what they say: "Discover 360 degrees of the best sex of your life with every angle designed to provide the best access, sweetest support, and most enticing possibilities." Okay, not quite big enough to be a true chair, the Love Bumper is nevertheless a welcome addition to the list at a lower price from this hip Vancouver design shop.

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While this kind of impulsiveness becomes potentially dangerous where major issues like money and health are concerned, on the whole these free-living spirits seem able to get away with it by their innate trust in the universe that attracts luck.

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Personal space and independence are extremely important for a Sagittarius who intensely dislikes being tied down.

It does not matter if you are his/her partner and in fact a Sagittarius will see all the more reason for expressing their opinion if you are close to him.

The thing to remember here is that their outspoken nature is never motivated by malice but rather a child-like innocence which believes that honesty is always the best policy.

The positive mantra that informs their daily life also colors their sexual relationships and often opens up untold worlds for their partners.

A Sagittarius in love For a Sagittarius, being in love is living yet another kind of adventure. Allow me to present our favorite Apartment Therapy Valentine's Day tradition, the sex chair roundup.