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20-Jun-2015 03:12

In 2015, the proportion rose to 80.2 percent and 63 percent respectively.

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"My other friends are experiencing it too - a shortened dating cycle.I'm not looking to settle down until I have a stable career. I was dating this woman in her late 20s and she wanted to confirm marriage after six dates. She looks at your list of friends or followers, and approves or disapproves. "There's always a downside to any technology, be it the Internet (online scams), cars (accidents) or toasters (burnt fingers).My plan is to make half a million before I'm 30 - and then I'll think about marriage." Meanwhile, Tinder gives him "all the romance I need". NUS female undergraduates, LT and SJ say they and their friends are wary of "over-using" Tinder. But by and large, dating apps have dramatically increased people's chances of "identifying a prospective dating partner quickly and conveniently, creating instant matches via location accessibility and common interests - instead of going through the stress of approaching strangers at the club", says Mr Phua.But most of her experiences boil down to this: "They're impatient…

they just want get it on or get away." Meanwhile, the men's side of things hasn't been entirely positive either.They don't actually want anything else but sex." SJ adds that that when they try to hint that they're not really interested, the rejected suitors tend to unleash a flurry of expletives. Violet Lim, CEO of dating app Lunch Click and Co-Founder of Lunch Actually, says: "In the past, in order for people to meet 5 to 10 romantic interests of the opposite sex, it would at least take a few weeks to a month.

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