Quentin tarantino dating lianne spiderbaby laman party girl chat

24-May-2015 11:02

It makes representatives of all these industries start to think about how they can make their respective disciplines better and more trustworthy.

In the case of journalism, the industry is under enough threat from outside forces for it to be destroyed by a series of bad journalists.

In the case of their initial reaction was to continue as normal by not commenting on the accusations, and continuing to publish work by both the writers in question. Unsurprisingly, no one felt that this was good enough, and not long after, released an official statement on the scandal.

A few days later, and after significant pressure, they broke their silence, saying: Although the editors may have thought that by acknowledging the scandal, they were then dealing with it, these tweets only created more questions. They apologised profusely, not just to the writers whose work was stolen, but tellingly, they also apologised to the plagiarisers for putting them under too much pressure.

As a collective we are already dealing with their being not enough jobs, little money, a lack of job security and cuts.

He handed back his Orwell Prize, made an “evasive” public apology, but didn’t personally apologise to the writers that he had stolen from.

” until after I received the forwarded email from my source and, after doing some research, saw that Lianne has been Quentin Tarantino’s girlfriend.

Now things suddenly made a lot more sense; not just the title but also why this story should come to me.

What shocks me is when people try to stick up for the plagiariser; although nine times out of ten, these are usually fans of the writer, who don’t work within the industry, but there have been exceptions.

Tim Lucas, the editor of made a very premature statement supporting Spiderbaby when her plagiarism was discovered, which he was then forced to retract when it became clear that she had in fact, plagiarised the articles that she’d written for him too.

So, for every Lianne Spiderbaby, there is Mike White, and for every Shaun Munro and T. Barnard, there is Maxwell Yezpitelok, Simon Columb and Ali Gray, willing to blow the whistle, to hold critics to account and to reveal the extent of every bad journalist’s unethical practices.

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