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01-Aug-2015 14:41

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If there is no understanding about holding the check till the date on it, then the date apparently has no effect. What people are calling "pre-dated" checks should be called "stale-dated".

If I give you a check today that's dated June 24th, it's stale.

I thought to post-date something was to write the date as 15 Dec.

who really stops at a stop sign when no other car is coming or slows down at a yellow light? If you mail a check to a large company, like a credit card company, they probably process your check by computer as well. by agreement cheques can be post dated as in and installment contract where all documents are signed and verified together with the terms.

Post-dating a check is when you write the check on the 17th but date it for the 25th, so it can't be cashed for a week after it is written.Generally, the fact that a check is post-dated, in and of itself, does not render the check a conditional obligation nor does it have any impact whatsoever on the checks negotiability. The subsequent paragraph agrees with aahala on the fact that some state consider post-dated checks are promisary notes. sailor, I did a search on "post date check", any date in the GQ forum only and got zero hits.

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