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Their £10.00 burgers - cooked medium rare - are seriously good, and they come with rosemary and garlic shoestring fries.But The French Dip has to be the main attraction (also a tenner); a brioche roll filled with melt-in-the-mouth beef, served with a rich beef jus for dipping or pouring, whichever way suits you. Alternatively: Try their bigger sister hotel-restaurant round the corner, 131 The Promenade.The food has an American/British vibe with Asian influences, and they have a well stocked bar too.Chickpea Chips with Chilli Jam (£4) are great to start, as are the Spam Fritters (£3), served in an old school Spam tin.The classic though, is Charlie’s Chips, or Charles Takeaway as it’s officially called, right near the Bus Station.Fish and chips, plenty of salt and vinegar, and a little wooden fork to challenge your eating abilities.If all else fails and you haven’t managed to book a table anywhere, there’s always Real Burger on Grosvenor Street.

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Alternatively: There are plenty of other nice chains in the centre; Jamie’s Italian is housed in the historic County Court building, Zizzi’s in an old church on Suffolk Parade, Cafe Rouge is slap bang on the tree-lined promenade, and there’s a Bill’s which has recently opened on Regent Street.Chef David Everitt-Matthias and his wife Helen have been running the fort here since 1987; they hold 2 Michelin stars, 4 AA rosettes, and have maintained a reputation for being one of the best restaurants in the UK.

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It stinks, there are tendons in there, and you slurp and spill it while eating. “Talking about only being into Asian girls…your date who is not Asian.” 51. If they say they don’t, they’re lying and/or weird.” Or worse… I mean, if we’re trading relationship stories, that’s one thing, but just offering up that info when I’m in the middle of flirting with you? When you mix shit like that it makes your breath smell like a grilled gouda and bleu cheese sandwich that’s been lodged under an old man’s grundle for a week.” 58. As much as I would love to live on pizza until I die (of heart disease), I can’t deal with someone who won’t experiment with food.” 59. But don’t talk about it all the damn time and put your cheapness on display during our date. “I always hate dudes who are rude to the valet, server, or bartender. If you’re a small tipper, I assume your other tip is small, too.” – PERSONALITY/BEHAVIORS 62. “Getting so drunk I feel like I’m babysitting you instead of dating you.” 64. I do that enough and there’s not room for two drunk assholes in this relationship.” 65. If I see them stumbling around like a 10-month-old on multiple occasions, I’m out. “Being a dick to: Waiters, cashiers, children, pets, my mom, your mom, anyone’s mom.” 67. … continue reading »

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