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24-May-2014 19:34

This is one of the most difficult parts of being queer, and if you think it’s tough today, imagine how things were 100 or even just 50 years ago.Not only has finding each other been a constant challenge for queers, there has always been the added variable of recognition.Peter Pendergrass (Greensboro, NC) Meeting people online is one of those things that everyone hates to acknowledge, but many (if not most) of us have done.There are many ways to connect with new people online, and some of them are more accepted than others.If you add a friend of a friend on Facebook, learn about them through their profile and posts, and eventually meet in person, just about everyone will agree this is normal and appropriate.But what if you’re trying to meet people out of your friend group? What if, even though you’d never admit it to most of your friends or any of your family, you’re looking for sex?

I don’t have the life experience to speak authoritatively about online dating for female-bodied queer people.

With online dating, the ambiguity (and risk) of cruising was minimized.

If you lived somewhere cruising wasn’t even an option, the Internet provided a way to connect with other queer people near and far.

Welcome to the world of online and mobile matchmaking. Today, almost everyone uses some form of social networking, and whether we like to talk about it or not online dating is normal.

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Even if you meet a cute person you like face-to-face before connecting online, you still end up flirting with them on the Internet and mobile apps.Still, words like “desperate” and “slutty” come out in conversations about online daters, as if meeting online is a last resort, only for those who are unable to attract someone in person.

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