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During the panel discussion, all of the presenters agreed that the media has a habit of sensationalizing topics like this and while sex offenses have actually been declining since the 90’s, most people tend to believe that sexual abuse has skyrocketed since the onset of the Internet and that online strangers are the most frequent perpetrators.Pairing this with the number of healthy relationships being established through digital interactions, the panel suggested that it is time to stop advising younger generations to “never meet someone offline who you only know online”.In order for agencies to interrupt the inter-generational cycle they must develop and deliver meaningful and cost effective female and culturally responsive trauma-informed programs and services for girls.This will require agencies, residential facilities, and state/county wide systems and agencies to seek consultation from experts. provides expert consultation and training services throughout the United States and Canadda. magazine, “We found out at the five month scan just before Christmas, and we’re just over the moon that they’re both healthy, it was the best Christmas present! And if Jacquemus is a name that's not yet on your radar, then it's time to read up.In court Christabel might seem to have emerged as the worst kind of modern woman.As she herself wrote in a letter to a woman friend: ‘I have been so frightfully indiscreet all my life that he [John] has enough evidence to divorce me about once a week’.

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In order to do this child welfare and juvenile justice reform will require shining a light on what's wrong, what's working well and how to make sustainable systemic change that provides meaningful prevention and early intervention strategies at the first point of contact with systems.

While many of the research findings complemented those in the general literature and those we find in Everfi’s own data on teens and navigating the digital landscape, several insights were surprising.

Stephen Balkam, CEO of FOSI, opened the event by emphasizing that “creating a culture of safety for teens online is the joint responsibility of all stakeholders”, including parents, children, educators, and policy-makers in the promotion of digital literacy and digital citizenship using a social norms approach.

This paper explores the contradictory representations of, and responses to, the modern woman as exemplified by Christabel Russell, analysing the court proceedings, the various narratives of the courtroom and the Press, the letters sent to newspapers, the commentary, and the editorials.

The degree to which girls’ gender and cultural needs are recognized, acknowledged and met in these systems can either interrupt or perpetuate the inter-generational cycle of crime, poverty, chemical, dependency and abuse.”maps out key pathways and points in the sexual abuse to prison pipeline—the detention of girls who are victims of physical, sexual abuse and sex trafficking; the criminalization of girls who run away from home or become truant; and the all too many girls who cross from the child welfare system into juvenile justice.What added to the sensational nature of the case was the revelation that whilst pregnant, Christabel’s hymen was unbroken – hence the claims of a ‘virgin birth’. The first trial ended inconclusively, the second trial was won for John Russell by the eminent barrister Sir Edward Marshall-Hall, but on the second appeal, in the House of Lords, it was ruled that evidence questioning the legitimacy of a child born in wedlock was inadmissible.