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However, we all have aspects of these traits to varying degrees, so the Internet may make it more likely for just about anyone to put their foot in the water.

In many cases, the reason people troll is because they want attention, and the internet lowers the risk of being caught out.

Auernheimer said that, because his political views are not recognised within "the normal mediums of politics", trolling is the only way he can express them.

His aim is to provoke outraged reactions that make left-wing mainstream society appear "ridiculous".

“I don’t care if people are offended by what I say.

I’m a passionate believer in free speech – offence is taken, it's a choice.

I have no more idea of what offends you than I do of what offends an Amazonian Indian." According to psychotherapist Dr Aaron Balick, author of The Psychodynamics of Social Networking, there is a valid argument that calling people trolls when they are expressing unpopular opinions is a way to shut down dialogue around a given topic.

"Trolling is about an intentional motivation to hurt or upset people, or to cause trouble.

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Now hiding out in Lebanon for fear of extradition, Auernheimer has defended his trolling, telling the Telegraph that it is just a form of ideological dialogue: "Trolling is just being confrontational with rhetoric."The more extreme and infantile we make the left look, the more sensible the far right movements appear to the average person," he said.Auernheimer is not the only internet troll to use "free speech" as justification for his behaviour.When Auernheimer later circulated her home address and Social Security number, she logged off and didn’t return to the web for six years.

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"I am afraid to leave my yard; I will never feel the same; I will never be the same," she said at the time."Some people need to learn how to take criticism, especially on the internet." The Trolls academic paper shows that individuals with a particular set of psychological traits – including Machiavellianism, narcissism, sadism and psychopathy – are more likely to troll.

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