Midlife dating time to end

01-Oct-2016 13:54

Statistics say that 80% of those who experience a turbulent transition during midlife will remain in the marriage and they themselves will make positive changes that strengthens the marriage.

So, odds are in your favor but there is still the possibility you will end up in divorce court.

" another woman can be the perfect antidote to the humdrum everyday-ness of married life.

Most folks work very hard to save their marriage during a spouse’s midlife crisis.

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When I was 19 years old, my father and mother separated for good, after years of going back and forth, trying to make their marriage work.

of course) girlfriend, who would eventually become his second (there was a third...) wife, I was glad I didn't have to be my father's plus-one on shopping trips to Target anymore.

When the objective should be to work on themselves.