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None of my Armenian acquaintances had friendly or professional ties with the representatives of these ethnic minorities.The street crowds in Yerevan became more diverse in my eyes as soon as I learned to distinguish the locals from Armenia’s main tourists – Iranians.There is no animosity towards foreigners in Yerevan; however, people do keep their distance.It soon became clear to me that penetrating into the inner life of the city would only be possible with the help of Armenian friends.“Turks will Be Turks” As opposed to Russia, where people are alienated from each other, mutual support and mutual control are ingrained in Armenian society.The idea that the Armenian state is one united family is supported at the state level, and it makes the internal critique of authorities rather problematic.

” It turned out that there are numerically small communities of Kurds, Yazidis, Assyrians, Greeks, and Molokans, which, however, are closed to outsiders.

We also touched upon the subject of construction in Yerevan.