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With liability insurance, whether you'll get a refund depends on the terms of your policy.Some business owners don't have the time, skill, or desire to sell off their own assets.You might find buyers for fixtures, furniture, and equipment by listing them on websites like e Bay, craigslist, or bid4Also search for websites that specialize in auctions for your industry; there are sites that specialize in restaurant equipment, industrial machinery, high-tech equipment, construction equipment, and so on.Make a list of the physical property your business owns, as well as any money owed to the business in the form of rent, security deposits, and unpaid bills (accounts receivable) you still expect to collect.Your list should include: For property, write down a description of each item or category of property, the condition of the property, and who technically owns it—that is, what money was used to purchase the property—your personal funds, a partner's personal funds, or business funds.So make a high-energy effort to collect them now, or sell them accounts receivable to a factor, or debt buyer, who will either buy your accounts receivable at a fraction of their worth or, for a fee, pay you a certain percentage of the debt up front and the rest when they collect it.(Get more information on accounts receivable factoring.) Don't cheat your creditors.

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Competitors may also be interested in buying your intellectual property (trademarks, copyrights, and patents) and any works or jobs in progress, as well as your customer lists and company name or product names.If you have numerous assets with significant value, contacting a business broker or professional liquidator might be a good idea.