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We have succeeded, via colloidal processes, to prepare Pt nanoparticles with a crystallite size of ca. Effect of nanostructuring on electrochemical properties are also analyzed to establish materials design strategies of PEFC/DMFC electrode catalysts.(2) Multi-Fuel Capable SOFCs In our institution, we systematically characterize electrochemical performance, relevant transport properties of ceramic materials, the interactions between the fuel cell components and the fuel gas species, and equilibria in fuel gases. We wish to contribute to solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) development and commercialization based on our fundamental research activities, e.g.

Downsizing of electrode catalysts, Pt, was also carried out. A higher performance of electrode catalysts using less amount of noble metals, especially platinum, is essential, and this is one of the most relevant technological tasks in PEFC research and development. Sasaki, Preparation and Electrochemical Activities of Pt–Ti Alloy PEFC Electrocatalysts, J. In this research period, we focus on carbon support materials and oxide-based additives for electrode catalysts. Uchida, Current-voltage characteristics and impedance analysis of solid oxide fuel cells for mixed H-2 and CO gases, JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY, 149, 3, 149 (3): A227-A2, 2002.03.

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Eguchi, Direct-alcohol/hydrocarbon SOFCs: Comparison of power generation characteristics for various fuels, ELECTROCHEMISTRY, 70, 1, 70 (1): 18-, 2002.01.

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