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20-Nov-2016 14:43

Keep this in mind if you plan on using it in close or on a field with a lot of high-powered sniper rifles around.

The mask itself is made of a high-quality resin which will be able to take a hit like a champ, it’s also covered by a six-month warranty so you’ll be able to return it if something is wrong and it cracks under a hit.

One will be a skull like from Call of Duty: Ghosts and I plan on doing some Payday 2 style masks as well. The latches that hold the head harness are thin plastic and will not last long.

: Palm reinforcement, protect against impact & abrasion.

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While a hit on the torso or limbs is just going to leave a welt, there’s a lot of stuff vital to your senses, and your looks, above your shoulders and it’s a good idea to protect it.It also doesn’t cover the ears, but a little bit of ingenuity can make sure they stay protected.

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