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George Peppard was born October 1, 1928 in the border city of Detroit, near the Great Lakes, the son of a builder, foreman and an opera singer. I tried many trades: was a teacher, a taxi driver, leading discotheques.Detroit while becoming the automotive capital of the world, actively unfolded building, turning it into a city of skyscrapers. Then he got on the radio, where for a long time, the voice performances.George Peppard is known to millions as Colonel John Smith – Hannibal from The A-Team and other roles included Paul Varjak in Breakfast at Tiffany's and Thomas Banacek as Banacek.

Two years later he married Elizabeth Ashley, with whom he starred in “carpetbaggers.” The marriage lasted six years. Now, his choice was a red-haired Sherry Boucher appearing in such famous series as “Lassie”and”Colombo”as well as”White Lightning”, where the main role was played by Burt Reynolds. With her he lived until his death in 1994 from pneumonia.

Life before the movie Like all young people of the time, George was drafted into the army. Once joined Purdue University, and then in the “Carnegie Tech,” and finally to the famous Actors Studio Lee Strasberg.