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23-Sep-2014 02:12

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Apple seems to be aware of this problem, and today at the WWDC keynote presentation they unveiled several changes to how the App Store works in i OS 8 which should hopefully go a long ways towards addressing discoverability.

The first of these new features is something called the "Explore" tab, which sits in the bar at the bottom of the App Store app and appears to replace the "Near Me" tab that showed what apps other people were downloading in your area (seriously, did anybody even use that feature? The Explore tab is basically a streamlined look at the different categories and subcategories of apps, which currently can only be accessed by choosing the Categories option at the top of the Featured tab.

So, what do you say Apple, any ideas on how to solve that one?

by Surur on March 22, 2017You don’t have to buy a brand-new PC to add Windows Hello face recognition login to your rig.

If they can nip that in the bud, then we can move onto more of the App Store's problems.

In my eyes the next most pressing problem is the amount of poor quality apps being released, which includes a startling number of cheap knockoffs of more successful apps.

When your dedicating significant time and/or money into a project, its success depending on one of those factors makes creating an app a pretty big risk.

There are plenty of great apps and games that fail simply because not enough people know that they exist.

You can access a more complete version of The New York Times through your device's browser at our website, The NYTiimes website includes the same content as the app, plus interactive articles, expanded video features and richer article content.The Explore tab should put all the App Store's different categories and all the top apps within them more front and center to anyone looking to browse for cool new stuff to download.Another change in i OS 8 is an improvement to the Search tab that shows you what all the current trending searches are.I created a local admin and switched my account to a normal one, and signed in with a Live ID, but that didn't work. I'm running a HD (1920x1080) display, so that can't be it either.

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My windows experience index is at 6.2 (it's a laptop), so I don't think hardware/driver issues could be it.

I think everyone would pretty much agree that discoverability is the number one problem in the App Store, especially with Apple's just-announced number of 1.2 million apps being currently available.

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