Dating rca tube platadating 2016 jelsoft enterprises ltd

12-Jul-2014 08:25

8 in code means 1958 - (6009) 9th week of 1960 is the date in white marking. In transitional years they may have used up the old boxes while simultaneously using boxes with the new globe logo.

PQ6689/E83F PQ (Premium Quality) logo is on other side of tube.

Some of the tubes in circle-RCA boxes have date code DJ (May 1971). 2) Lots of work in process and/or finished goods with the old logo.

3) The time it takes to update all the documentation and engineering prints.

This sounds perhaps a little silly since the shelf life of tubes is decades, at least (indefinite in practical terms), but some OEM's might have beenn a bit irritated by occasional consumer complaints such as "my 1961 model TV has 1959 model tubes in it!

" Tubes made for the US military, or certain OEMs (such as some test equipment manufacturers) that requested it, continued to carry numerical date codes.

I am not sure about the date codes on the boxes or anything else, except the letter codes for the dates on the tubes. I googled the subject and found forum histories with replies from those who actually worked in the industry back then.

In years past, EIA (Electronic Industries Association) also went by the name of RETMA, and the original acronym of RMA (Radio Manufacturer's Association).

These are all European made tubes (except the Russian fake). Bugle Boy - 4 seams on top - note the 50s logo on the box.

Papesa appears to be a misprint in the Philips data.

12AU7/ECC82 code: Gf8 (NOKEY)9C2 - NOKEY is Heerlen, Netherlands 9 is 1969 date.

They generally follow the following format: (example) 322 5904 where 322 is the manufacturer code (in this case Tungsol), 59 is the year (1959), and 04 is the week.

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