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08-Oct-2014 05:17

Despite their undoubted appeal to guitarists, there is one barrier that will stop many players from owning a Fender, and that's their price.Whilst not as heavy as some other guitar brands, the prices would be a cut to high for many.

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There in the neck pocket was a stamp that said Squier.Unfortunately though, the Squier brand does come with a slight stigma, due to its budgetary origins.As good as Squier guitars can be, most musicians will use them until they are able to afford a proper Fender.Whilst the Squier brand utilised these classic and sort after Fender models, they were able to build them for a lot cheaper to make their budget range a huge success.

The guitars were built with cheaper woods, cheaper components and cheaper labour in the far east.The period at Fender was marked by a number of changes in production, with new Asian factories coming online, and one of their production being hampered by a fire at their Mexican factory.