Dating customs in lithuania

15-Mar-2016 20:40

Ukraine- Bars and nightclubs are the places to be if you want a chance of finding 'the one' and it has the third most visited Mc Donalds in the world- so if you are partial to a maccys- then this is the place to be.Moldova- Beer is cheap so bars and clubs are the hubs for singles and on first dates ladies should receive a bunch of flowers- it's customary.

Croatia- You don't call someone by their first name unless you are told to do so and if a man wants to propose he needs to push a coin into an apple to let people know he is about to pop the question.

Latvia- Flowers are never given in odd numbers to dates as this is seen as a sign of morning.

A handshake with eye contact is preferable when meeting up with people for dates.

UK- People favour the online dating scene in the UK and Brits often fall into bed with people before dating them.

If they find the one they often live with them before marrying them.

Spain- Dating takes a while where with people being indecisive before settling on a date and on St George's Day they give a book or a rose to their partner.

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