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17-Oct-2014 23:03

For readers like Eddie, let me recommend a pertinent video made by some recovering alcoholics, mostly about Eddie's age, discussing the sex part of their inventory-takingÒAA's Sex Inventory. DAVE: Eddie and co-founder Bill Wilson would probably have gotten along quite well.Ultimately, while Bill W and his wife Lois were sort of the Royalty of AA and Alanon-Bill took a long-term mistress on the side, a woman 22 years younger than he was!In their minds, dating and new relationships seem benign.As long as I'm not using and we're not using and are in a program, I'm safe. Getting into an intimate relationship prematurely is, as my mother would say, "Ill-conceived, ill-advised and ill-consummated." Odds are more than fifty percent of marriages will end in divorce for the general population.What often happens is that sex, exciting enough as it is, often leads to an infusion of romantic feelings, which can further heighten the excitement, which then awakens the "sleeping giant" -- the backlog of unmet emotional needs from previous relationships.The "giant" awakens (emotionally) ravenous and is not aware of the extent his/her hunger drives the relationship.But this is not what the recovering addict is thinking about.When it comes to delaying gratification, when it comes to "choosing" between "one step at a time" versus "all at once," thinking in terms of gradual and taking time to develop and being objective and realistic are not how addicts are wired. Most recovering addicts don't realize that admitting to being out of control and surrendering to their powerlessness, as having done so in Steps I and II, also apply to their emotions when dating and in early stage relationships.

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Men tend to cope by splitting off from their feelings; that is, are more likely to engage in sexual relationships while remaining emotionally divorced or superficial.

Our unmet emotional needs reside in our unconscious and are sealed off from our awareness.

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