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07-Apr-2015 03:19

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A Christian woman has a lot to offer and is not about to waste it on a teenager in a man's body.There's a time to be a boy, and play with boy's things and toys, but a Christian woman is not a plaything! He loved her and wanted to marry her, nothing special there.When speaking to single people in the church I often hear them say, "I can't figure out women/men." When pressed to explain they usually answer, "I'm not sure what they want."As we discuss the matter they say that they are looking for a Christian mate but uncertain about what these potential partners really want from them.Well, I've given this some thought and examined men and women in the Bible who found each other and here are some answers to the question, "What do Christian women or men really want?

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He was a soldier, a leader, well trained in the ways of war and politics.

We know he loved her when they first became engaged, but the man in him continued to love and care for her despite the "baggage" that came with her new circumstances. Any “boy” can take a wife, but it takes a man to take a wife along with all the things that a new wife brings into marriage.

Christian women want a real man, not just a boy pretending to be a man.

He was very much grounded in this world as well as his place and role in it.

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Yet, the Bible says that he was a man after God's own heart (Acts ).

"I'll start with the women because it seems that men tend to be more confused on this issue than women.