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07-Jul-2016 06:40

She could be your daughter, niece, cousin, neighbor, mentee, or student. No one talks about teen dating violence, because few know how.

Organizations like Break the Cycle and Love Is Respect, national nonprofits that focus exclusively on teen dating violence, hope to change that.

Little remarks that, over time, eat away at a person’s perceived sense of stability, place and perspective in the world.

Domestic abuse might start as a few malicious comments here and there about a person’s appearance — And as small comments build up, the dents they make on a person’s confidence increase — as the walls start to close in and fear, anxiety and desperation take hold.

There is usually a pattern of controlling behaviors that, over time, lead to life-threatening situations. Usually, they are quite charming and they win you over and it’s a kind of slow erosion.” With teens, abuse may start with a few subtle put downs, critiques of clothing choices, friends, and even family.

Abusers may then start to isolate their partners from other people and insist that they spend all of their free time together.

Four to explain and explore the stages of an abusive relationship.

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According to the statistics, one in three teens will experience abuse in a dating relationship, and those are just the numbers for teens who report the abuse.

Domestic violence may present itself as mere glimpses of passive or covert abuse, which over time escalate into more serious forms of physical and emotional abuse, manipulation and deprivation.

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