Best dating questions to ask

15-Sep-2016 09:04

Weekends are that time of the week when you don’t have to work or worry about anything, and it’s all about doing what you like.It’s that time when you indulge in activities that really give you joy. Does your date’s activity define them or make them more interesting? Hanging out in unwashed boxers and playing a game on the Play Station, or spending a whole day on facials and massages can seem like fun to many, but what about you?Here are five questions to ask on a date that can make the difference between a happy future and a wasted date.Why we need date questions Over the years, all of us have had dates and have had to face a barrage of questions ranging from the mundane to the obnoxious!But still, a series of short relationships should have a red light flashing.On the other hand, if your date’s been in a very long term relationship for several years or a decade, it can be difficult to erase those old thoughts away and they may need some time to actually move on or forget about their ex. A very simple question to ask on a date, but one that is very revealing.This questions can help you understand what kind of a person your date is, and how they cope with difficult issues in their life.Question #2 What do you do when you’re having a tough day?

But how can you judge if your date is a long term potential?It’s got everything any man or woman would ever need to carry on a conversation on a date.[Read: What to talk about on a first date] [Read: Six great conversation starters] The five date questions Once you’ve read those two links we’ve given above, you would be a sophisticated, smooth talker who can charm any date in no time, we assure you!This date question can help you gauge if your date is looking for true love or a rebound relationship.

And even if we’re not talking about a rebound relationship, it could tell a lot about your date’s view on life. Some of us just can’t be happy when things are all pleasant and smooth in love.And we have two kinds of people, the whiners and the doers.

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