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05-Feb-2017 12:06

Because of the way mod_pagespeed extends cache lifetime for resources using a content hash in a resource URL, a long HTML cache lifetime could result in stale resources (typically CSS files).

This is why mod_pagespeed currently takes a conservative approach and disables caching of HTML -- to avoid stale cache-extended resources. I have another thought about a proper fix that might work without requiring a new mod_pagespeed option. After disabling the function, I noticed that its able to add Cache-Control headers also.

or is their any way where I could change the order of apache module processing?

You can't change the order except by source-code changes.

Is it possible that I get same functionality with Cache-Control header after I apply this patch ?

The latest release ( added a new directive Mod Pagespeed Modify Caching Headers. So it seems I have to set the cache header in all backend servers when the new option is enabled.

Seems like svn checkout didn't completed and that lead to the compilation issue. So I was not able to upgrade the existing version as it says I'm already using a newer version.

Syncing projects: 79% (43/54) ________ running 'svn checkout /root/mod_pagespeed/src/third_party/opencv/src/opencv/include --revision head --force --ignore-externals' in '/root/mod_pagespeed' svn: Could not open the requested SVN filesystem Error: Command svn checkout /root/mod_pagespeed/src/third_party/opencv/src/opencv/include --revision head --force --ignore-externals returned non-zero exit status 1 in /root/mod_pagespeed :( ... checkout breaks after 50% The code from the trunk works. So I emoved the pagespeed version rpm and installed rpm.

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