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18-Mar-2014 20:53

It's a legal term of art in class action settlements.

It allows that money in excess of what is being paid to investors or lawyers be given to charities, in this case those "corporate governance" programs at universities.

The Center for Class Action Fairness would love to object to such a blatantly illegal settlement.

But it can't do so in a vacuum: it can only do so on behalf of a class member who is being ripped off by these attorneys.

No one's pay was "inflated" by backdating, unless you assume that the alternative would have been awarding executives exactly the same number of options at less-advantageous prices.

Which, of course, you shouldn't assume since any sensible employee can see that if his each stock option is worth less, he should get more of them.

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The settlement is further problematic in that the vast majority of class members are entitled to zero compensation; it is far from clear that the sole lead plaintiff is a member of this subclass. It was the pseudo-scandal launched by the Wall Street Journal's investigative unit, after its reporters began following up on an academic report that demonstrated many executive stock options awards were too well-timed to be plausible.

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