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24-Mar-2014 21:32

While cases regarding discrimination against women in the workplace often make news headlines, male complaints of sex discrimination and harassment have also been on the rise in recent years.And now a former male employee is suing Yahoo for gender bias, a claim that is legally protected.Ard claims that when former chief marketing officer Kathy Savitt began, Yahoo's editorial leadership was more than 80% male; less than two years later, that same group of managers was more than 80% female.The lawsuit claims that Savitt purposefully hired women, and fired men, on the basis of their gender.It'll be interesting to follow the outcome of this lawsuit, since it raises some interesting questions.If Silicon Valley firms are being challenged to hire more women, can it be classified as discrimination if men are passed over for jobs in favor of women with the same qualifications?I would probably reply if it weren't for one crucial detail: She's 21.To put that in perspective, when I was a senior in high school she was a sixth grader (which is the official yard stick for measuring age differences in the dating world).

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I know tons of guys who only have eyes for significantly younger women. Younger women are more likely to give us the benefit of the doubt and interpret our ramblings as hard-earned wisdom.4. You already know I find older women extremely attractive, and I'm certainly not the only one—younger guys can't get enough of Erin, for good reason.

Or are suits like this merely growing pains, and to be expected as men realize what it's been like to be a woman for the past 50 years?

A former employee of Yahoo recently sued the tech giant for gender discrimination, and the case has caught the attention of many major news outlets; not just because of the Yahoo brand, but because the fired employee is male.

Using Yahoo accounts as an in, the Optic Nerve program reportedly collected the still images of millions of people not even suspected of any kind of crime.

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The system collected one image every five minutes and, if you were unlucky enough to be using a username similar to that of one of GCHQ's targets, then your face may have been shown to analysts and agency staff.Yahoo has vehemently denied any knowledge of the webcam interception, describing the activity as "a whole new level of violation of our users' privacy."An internal GCHQ wiki page shows that the program was still active in 2012, and was supposedly conceived to experiment in facial recognition, monitor existing suspects and determine new targets."Face detection has the potential to aid selection of useful images for 'mugshots' or even for face recognition by assessing the angle of the face," one of the leaked documents reads.

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Later in the conversation, she said David could “die via an accident like a drowning or if he was caught in a fire.” But, she said if it was a vehicle accident, there would be no guarantee he would die from that, according to the affidavit.“Rachael describes that she needs certainty and he must die,” the detective wrote.… continue reading »

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