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And for a generation taught to prioritize themselves and their own feelings, it can be hard to balance me vs. Emotional Intimacy & Support: As someone’s boyfriend, your son is expected to share at least some of his feelings, hopes, and fears with his sweetie, and listen to his sweetie’s feelings, hopes, and fears.

There’s also an expectation that they’ll support each other through (emotional) difficulties.

Call it realism or fatalism, but your son doesn’t expect his teen romance to go the distance.

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Here’s a short guide to help you understand what your son is talking about.of 14 year old boys and nearly all 18 year old boys have watched porn; many do so regularly during adolescence.There, sex is effortless, everyone enjoys it, and there are no negative outcomes for anyone: no tarnished reputations, no unplanned pregnancy, and no disease.Keeping these differences in mind should give you a better understanding of how your son approaches dating and sex.

And the more you understand his world, the easier it’ll be to talk to him about it.Let me start by saying that “hooking up” doesn’t have a single, clear definition. The default and stereotypical definition is sex with someone you’ve never met before and don’t plan to ever talk to again.