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Pupil: That will be a surprise Teacher: Do you promise to make me happy tomorrow? Pupil: I am yet to have a boyfriend Teacher: Can I come to your room?

Pupil: Yes Teacher: When was the first time you had sex?

/ Phone Conversation Between A Chinese Guy And An Operator / Conversations Between A Teacher And His Students (1) (2) (3) (4) Full transcript Teacher: Are you working on your assignment? Pupils: In the house Teacher: Is anyone helping you? Pupil: Sir, somebody has helped me out Teacher: Have you eaten? Pupil: i am quiet when I am hungry Teacher: Are in the room with your younger brother in the primary school? Teacher: I said I want to handle your breasts Pupil: I am busy now, I can rather make it tomorrow Teacher: Will you allow me do it tomorrow?

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A teacher who had her Facebook ‘sexts’ hacked by students and spread around the school has said she ‘no longer feels safe’.

As a result – and on the advice of the teachers union – she filed a complaint with the police who labelled it an ‘aggravated harassment’ case.