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David Platt has a deep passion for global disciple-making.Platt has served at The Church at Brook Hills since 2006 and has written several books on discipleship, missions, and the Gospel.“Comedians get a bad rap in the dating world and we only mostly earn it. Don't date anyone who wants to meet for the first time at one of their shows, and DEFINITELY don't date anyone who wants to meet for the first time at an open mic.” - Ella Gale (@hellakale) “No matter how much you love spending time with someone and share their interests, go be your own damn person here and there.” - Abby Rosenquist (@Abby Rosenquist) “Accept that you're into whatever you're into, and if it can be done by consenting adults, pursue it.

begging the question WHAT ELSE COULD THEY DO TO MY BODY?! I can’t bang them, because I don’t shit where I stand on stage and talk to audiences about airplane food. Read the truth and see these folks perform THIS WEEKEND.

You won’t want to miss Shauna Niequist‘s, , a collection of recipes—like blueberry crisp, goat cheese biscuits, mango chicken curry, and more—paired with short essays on family, relationships, and how each meal in the book brings people together. Freeman is a passionate writer and speaker on grace, art and creativity, faith, and writing. Josh Mc Dowell has been in ministry for over 50 years, founded Josh Mc Dowell Ministry, a division of Cru, and has authored and coauthored over 115 books.

You won’t want to miss Mc Dowell’s latest book, , which unpacks how Scripture—the living Word of God—speaks directly into our lives.

Founder of Dashing Dish, a health and food blog, Katie Farrell is a registered nurse in Michigan with a passion for teaching people how to lead healthier lives.

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Farrell has two books coming out this year, both focused on healthy eating, cooking, and leading a healthy spiritual life.This February, Platt releases the highly-anticipated book, , a look at social justice from a biblical standpoint.