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Library Incidents Involving Internet Pornography 5 Children Accessing Pornography Public Libraries as Conduits for Child Pornography Adults Exposing Children to Pornography Pedophiles Luring Children Through Libraries Adults Accessing Pornography The True Extent of the Problem 3.

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In only six of these incidents (3.5 percent) were the police notified.

OLSON* Solicitor General Department of Justice Washington, D. 20530-0001 (202) 514-2217 * Counsel of Record for Appellants PAUL M. Despite his full life and schedule, he has become a tireless and effective activist working to keep America's libraries safe for children and adults and free from the destructive presence of illegal pornography and sexual predators.

How the ALA and State Libraries Discouraged Responses 25 Involvement of the American Library Association Involvement of State Libraries Problems of Collecting Data 4.

Equally distressing to him was the absolute refusal of the American Library Association (ALA) to admit a problem existed or to exercise its enormous political and financial clout to keep America's libraries from becoming virtual dirty bookstores open to children and funded by taxpayers.

Thankfully, a growing number of public librarians and officials have recognized the magnitude of the problem and are acting to stop it, despite the resistance of the ALA.The ALA has acknowledged that the First Amendment protects none of this material.