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The tone and content of those early Live Journal comment threads defied the peep show tease of the little Java Script countdown clocks under our cam images.

The timer would tick down the seconds to a new image, but it was our Live Journals that provided the context and exposure.

The websites we built for our webcams mangled web standards, some intentionally so. Even in the late 1990's, relying on Angelfire or Geo Cities would be an affront.

You had to have what we still called “a vanity domain.”) We abused the tag and the iframe, which allowed us to embed an image that would replace itself with a new image at an interval we could control – each thirty seconds, sixty seconds, three minutes.

I turned my cam off for good in 2003, and when Flickr launched in 2004, my archives were the first images I thought to post.When Live Journal launched in 1999, camgirls were among its first few thousand and most ardent users, writing to fill in the gaps between images.On Live Journal, over IRC and on mailing lists, we asked one another where webcams were allowed in our homes, how much it was acceptable to change or distort an image, and how much of offline life was represented in the frame.As an early online community, camgirls learned to both live on and produce the web together. If there were people who were not camgirls watching – actual voyeurs – we could pretend not to notice them.

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While they watched, we taught each other CSS, compared different models of webcams, and complained about web hosts.

We blogged minute-by-minute when blogging didn't really support that.