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04-May-2014 02:23

His U-turn mirrors similar somersaults by Conservative Eurosceptics Philip Hammond and William Hague.

And it is a setback to the ‘Leave’ campaign, which wanted to make use of Mr Gove’s formidable debating skills.

Mr Cameron’s insistence that he will not resign if he loses the referendum is also endorsed by voters by a margin of 42 per cent to 33.

Even one in five Labour supporters say he should not throw in the towel.

For far too long, we’ve let the ‘bien pensant’ europhiles at the top of our party dictate Labour’s approach to the EU, regardless of what many party members may think.

I don’t predict that a majority of party activists will side with me and agree that the UK would on balance be better off freed from the constraints and red tape of Brussels.

He can draw comfort from other aspects of the poll which show that it is believed a significant number of people who want to leave the EU may change their mind at the last minute – and there is evidence of wide support for his proposed package of EU reforms.

Terror crisis: Between 34 and 47 per cent say the Paris massacre (above, one of the victims), New Year sex attacks in Cologne, Syrian exodus and growth of the Calais migrant camp has made them more likely to vote to leave the EUMr Cameron received an additional boost last night after it emerged that Eurosceptic Minister Michael Gove is to snub the ‘Out’ campaign, known as ‘Leave,’ and back Mr Cameron’s vow to ‘Remain’.

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Our current party policy is indeed to campaign to stay in the EU. But as Jeremy Corbyn knows, there are tens of thousands of Labour voters, and many party members to boot, who take the opposite view.That is the tantalising prospect for the London Mayor, according to the Survation poll for The Mail on Sunday.It shows how the referendum could turn into a giant game of political poker for senior Tories trying to calculate how it will affect their chances of succeeding Mr Cameron as Prime Minister.I say Mr Corbyn knows this because he was one of those people himself.

Although strangely muted since he became leader, his views as a backbench MP were impeccably Eurosceptic and he, along with a couple of dozen others, were on many occasions in the lobby recording a Eurosceptic vote.Publicly, Mr Cameron has insisted he will not resign if he loses the vote; in reality, most Ministers say he would have little choice but to stand down.