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16-Jun-2016 21:47

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Okcupid is a good site it just isn't very diverse.Don't get me wrong I have no problem dating outside of my race and I do.Another thing about Ok Cupid is the choice of numbers on the site it's super busy.I'd like to see better features but their offline meet ups are a step in the right direction, they just need to do more new things like that.My mate doesn't even use this app and someone hacked into his accounts on social media and made multiple okcupid accounts.He is absolutely pissed off because now someone wants to complain about him on okcupid and he doesn't even use it WTF.

I politely told him this was a turnoff for me and that he was out of my age range.

I have been on several times and have noticed a lot of the same people on Ok Cupid, so I figured instead of paying for Match I would just get on there.

I have been on before and it was kind of disturbing, but this past time topped it all.

If this site has 10% real users I would be surprised.

As a woman, you are constantly messaged by these scammers pretending to be US military personnel on deployment, bots that try to lead you to another site and fake profiles.But I would like to see some diversity on this site. If I wanted someone who was just like me I'd clone myself.