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Before too long, parents and kids start leisurely gathering at the other end of the field. Vincent stands away from the group, fishing around in his locker.He didn’t really expect to get to the playoffs - he’s just happy they won the last few games.He snaps his phone shut quickly and goes right over to him.

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As it turns out, the coach sent some recruitment material (athletic records, highlight video compiled over the summer and past years, etc) to some mid-level football colleges on Vincent’s behalf.Because it's the last game of the season, tonight is "senior night" - a night where the team, coach, and parents celebrate and say goodbye to the senior players who are graduating.Before the pre-game senior night festivities begin, Teddy and Vincent chat on the sidelines.Vincent says he hopes the next quarterback is better than he is.

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The coach laughs, and says Vincent didn’t do that badly, and he should be proud.

She is the only woman in the unit under Vernon Roche's command.

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Who knows more about immunization: A survey of public health nurses and physicians? Together with colleagues at UBC and the University of Tasmania, she also continues to collaborate on academic projects related to air pollution from forest fire smoke. He is also member of many provincial, national and international working groups and networks in the area of zoonotic and emerging pathogens. Better syphilis infection detection in better patient care and disease prevention. Her interests include various aspects of planning and evaluation of old and new immunization programs, surveillance of communicable diseases, and outbreak investigation. Immunogenicity of 2 doses of human papillomavirus vaccine in younger adolescents versus 3 doses in young women. Her clinical and research focus is on sexually transmitted infections, human papillomavirus, HIV in women and care for marginalized populations. David Patrick is an Infectious Disease Physician and Epidemiologist with posts as Professor and Director of the UBC School of Population and Public Health and as Medical Epidemiology Lead for Antimicrobial Resistance and the Do Bugs Need Drugs Project at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control. Mc Kay R, Vrbova L, Fuertes E, Chong M, David S, Dreher K, Purych D, Blondel-Hill E, Henry B, Marra F, Kendall PR, Patrick DM. program in British Columbia: Can we curb antibiotic prescribing? Sahni V, Naus M, Hoang L, Tyrrell GJ, Martin I, Patrick DM. Transmission dynamics and risk factors for pandemic H1N1-related illness: outbreak investigation in a rural community of British Columbia, Canada. 2012 May;6(3):e54-62.doi: 10.1111/j.1750-2659.2012.00344.x. she has received grant funding from the BCCDC Foundation, Canadian Water Network, NSERC, Genome BC and Genome Canada. Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology. Danuta Skowronski is Epidemiology Lead responsible for surveillance, rapid response research and program/policy recommendations for Influenza and Emerging Respiratory Pathogens at the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC).… continue reading »

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