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31-Dec-2015 04:42

Do I personally agree with all of her cussing, gyrating dances and explicit content? She’s not a gospel artist singing worship songs to Jesus in her lingerie.

And her fans love her regardless– the record crushing numbers with her unadvertised i Tunes release are proof, so there’s no reason for her to change her modus operandi.

Now that she’s a wife and mother in her 30’s (in that order I will add), what’s inappropriate for teens and tweens is not so inappropriate for her.

but she like most people is three-dimensional and has the right to show the many sides to her (physically and artistically).

These worrying numbers will keep increasing if there is no any action taken to prevent this situation.

Most of the reported cases are rape cases, abandoning babies, unwanted pregnancy, unsafe abortion, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

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Conclusion: These results have provided some insight towards the perception of sexual education among the teenagers.