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Although there are more people in slavery today than ever before, slavery represents the smallest percentage of the world’s population than at any other time in history.There was a time when slavery was legal, and people considered it morally acceptably and economically essential.

Slaves make charcoal in Brazil, which is used to run smelters that make steel for our cars.Police near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, cracked down last week after getting wind of the unique offer from the teaming of a car wash and a massage parlor in the suburb of Sunway Mentari, the reports.Nine Vietnamese women, ages 18 to 28, believed to be prostitutes were arrested.Illegal debts plague the poor and marginalized in rural India—entire families are enslaved for borrowing small sums in emergencies.

In Nepal, thousands must head overseas each year to find work because there are no jobs at home. Free the Slaves educates at-risk villagers about unsafe migration and mobilizes entire communities to rise up and break free from bondage.Take home our Better Than Sex mascara and all your desires for lush, incredibly intense lashes will be fulfilled.