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12-Nov-2015 03:56

I don’t do it often, and when I do, I don’t give any identifying information or invite anyone to our home.I internally justify it by telling myself that it’s not something I can do with her anyway, and masturbating by myself isn’t cheating, so why does it matter if someone else is there? I either need to tell her and hope for her unlikely blessing or knock it out and keep it as a fantasy like any other person in a committed, monogamous relationship, right?

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This isn’t an issue of what porn you watch or what fantasies get you off—it’s about sharing a particular form of sex and intimacy with people who aren’t your wife without her knowledge, and it’s a betrayal of the monogamous commitment she believes you two have.

A: There’s no strict rule of etiquette here, although I wish I could give you a really clear maxim like, “Tell everyone on the third date after drinks but before dinner.” You’re not asking these guys to accompany you to chemo treatments; you’re trying to have a normal dating life while managing your cancer.

It may be that some guys decide to bail whether you bring it up right away or wait until the second or third date to say something. You have no moral obligation to disclose, so be guided only by your sense of when you feel ready, whether that’s right away or after you’ve already been out on one or two dates. Should I tell my friend about her husband’s pot habit? I knew he was hiding it and told him if she asked me outright I wouldn’t lie, but I didn’t see it as my place to “tattle” on him, and I don’t personally think it’s a big deal.

That said, the information he’s keeping from her—that he was fired for failing a drug test—has negatively affected her financial security and is presumably something you yourself would want to know, were you in her situation.

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You never asked her husband to share this secret with you, and he knew the risk he was running by telling you and not his wife.

If you do tell her, and I’m inclined to think you should, bear in mind that their marriage has plenty of problems beside this one, and that whatever they decide to do, you should keep your distance.

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