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"Since the start of the war in Yemen, it's been crazy here," he says."Military flights, humanitarian aid — sometimes there's no space to park on the tarmac." Djibouti is a tiny state of citrus-colored shacks and goat-lined boulevards tucked into a barren, volcanic stretch of the Horn of Africa.Over the past few years, as Yemen's political order collapsed from infighting, the Houthis expanded their territory through a combination of political bargains and military victories, entering Sana'a last September and finally putting Hadi under house arrest in January.The next month, he escaped to Aden, where, backed by Saudi funding and weapons, he declared a new temporary capital.As we leave the port, an American military speedboat loops by to take a look at us, and my photographer and I slouch below the low gunwales.Once we are out to sea, our captain, whom I'll call Yousuf, relaxes.If my photographer and I want to get in by sea, we will have to find a smuggler willing to run the naval blockade in a speedboat.

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Forced to evacuate its embassy and 125 special-operations advisers, the U. found its counterterrorism strategy in shambles, with many of the weapons and equipment it supplied to Yemen reported to be in the hands of militias.

"They don't know enough to be afraid," he says. ally and had supported the drone program in return for aid, but he was toppled in 2011 by protests during the Arab Spring, by demonstrators who demanded the same things as those in Cairo and Damascus: an end to economic stagnation and corruption, and the unaccountable, repressive institutions that sustained the region's strongmen.