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- Anju [View Message] This is so sweet of you, my good wishes are with you and with your family please tell us if any help required as we can help you in this matter and also please share your experience also in adopting the child....- Anaida [View Message] Good bless you dear as you are doing this noble thing so please make sure you have proper legal documents in place as it is a long process and one needs to have all the documents place. - Anamika [View Message] Hello dear there are very rare chances of you getting the child as its very difficult to fine one why dont you adopt from a orphanage as that will be proper formalities and also with legal....Plus, the Goteo network has established itself as a community of communities and, to date, trained approximately 1,000 activists in collective an ongoing series of sculptures—some digital, some three-dimensional—that constitute a continuation and contemporary reinterpretation of Michelangelo’s unfinished Prigioni series and his famous non finito technique.

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Unfortunately, however, the architects failed to take into account the fact that only about half the apartments ever receive sunlight. In conjunction with a large-scale renovation, Ief Spincemaille provided relief with an installation consisting of a motorized mirror that can reflect light onto any desired point.

- Anjali [View Message] It totally depends in your luck and also if there is a child or not who knows, please it out by visiting the places there which are badly affected and also find some government officials who can help you in this matter....

- Shivangi [View Message] I must appreciate for your thinking such good but then you must see to that people who have lost their near and dear ones will now be at their bad state of mind and approaching them for a child will not look good....

In interpersonal relationships too, the risk of losing one’s balance is always present.

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Starting with a 170-year-old sofa, Jacob Tonski created a sculpture that metaphorically represents the delicate equilibrium in situations played out on and around such a sofa—a get-acquainted chat, sex, or just couch potatoes watching TV.But, suddenly, when the time is ripe, I am having these weird thoughts.

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