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19-May-2016 05:55

I thought I could place one in the bathroom and get a full view.

My cameras were wireless so my only issues were water proofing for the steam and power supply.

It was over very quickly, but at least I saw her naked for a few moments.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for is a creature of habit, she always showers at the same time every afternoon when she returns from college, then she goes to her room where she stays for about half an hour behind a locked door and finally she goes downstairs to make herself something to eat.

After a few minutes, she ended the call and just lay there, still in her towel, with her eyes closed but not sleeping.

There was about 10min of her just lying there and then finally, she stirred.

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After solving these two issues, I set up my camera to have the best view of the bathroom and disguised it so I wouldn’t get caught.

I set up my software to record whenever there was movement in front of the camera.

In the first video I saw Lisa come into her room and put her things down, she sat on her bed and wrote in her diary and then she left the room.

In the second video Lisa entered the room in her towel, this was the video I was after, she lay on her bed with her feet over the edge and made a call on her cell.Before I continue any further, I must stress that I was young and naive, I was learning about all sorts of neat technology, computer tricks, gadgets and had no concept of privacy violation.

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